Ninja Emile Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Geoshift

This Ninja Emile Custom Minifigure comes with a challenge from Geoshift:

There is a story behind this one that basically comes down to a single point: it is a table scrap.

In this instance I’m referring to the type of build that kind of just sits around on your table for a long period of time, getting a bit of attention occasionally, but never quite being finished. This one sat on my customizing desk for about 9 months as many other builds were started and completed!

Basically, at the time when this began I only had one of the carved Brick Affliction Emile helmets left and I wanted to use it for something. But, I had already done a couple other builds with that helmet design, so it had to be something different and unique.

Ideas came and went, as did the months on the calendar, and there it sat…incomplete. It endured a couple failed design attempts and appeared to be destined for the lost land of unfinished customs. Then one day I decided to turn this build into a little design challenge for myself and finish it at all costs, regardless of the outcome…and soon a new idea was born.

You can combine almost anything with Ninjas and it will usually be cool (and fun), so he became “Ninja Emile”. It all centered around that funny thought and an unrealistic, unlikely, hardly fit for public consumption table scrap has now seen the light of day and been made whole. I kind of like the result (even though it is a bit odd!).

So, do you have a few table scraps sitting in your work area? A few “work-in-progress” builds that have been that way entirely too long?

My challenge to my fellow customizers is to pick one of those, finish it, post it and tell us about the process. Do your best and don’t worry if it isn’t up to the standards of your best builds. Flex those creative muscles and have fun.