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Lab9 Aquaman Custom Minifigure

This high quality pad printed Aquaman Custom Minifigure is by Lab9 and features a fantastic custom trident and wave piece.

He features a single sided head, hair piece, and printing to the front and back of the torso. He comes with printing to the front, sides and back of the legs. 

He comes with a metal numbered /70 collectors card.

Check out the full range of custom minifigures available by Lab9 now.

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SW Rebel Pilot Helmets

These SW Rebel Pilot Helmets are hugely popular and are digitally printed on custom molds by The FST Custom Design team.

Each helmet is printed on 3 sides and you can choose from the Helmet of Red Eight, Zal Dinnes, Helmet of Red leader, Garven Dreis, and the Helmet of the ill-fated Y-Wing pilot Davish “Pops” Krail. 

The design is directly printed on to the LEGO helmet for a perfect and play resistant finish, no horrible stickers or vinyl, just pure printed awesomeness.

Shop these SW Rebel Pilot Helmets by FST Custom Design now.

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BrothersFigure x Rex MiniBrick Ice Loki Custom Minifigure

This Ice Loki Custom Minifigure is a fantastic collaboration between BrothersFigure and Rex MiniBrick. He features a professionally pad printed head, torso, legs and arms and comes with a custom helmet, cloak and staff.

This Ice version will make a great addition to your Loki collection!

He is packed in a plastic box and comes with a metal numbered /100 collectors plate.

Shop the full range of custom minifigures by BrothersFigure now.

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BigKidBrix Feb 21 Releases

BigKidBrix are relatively new to the molded parts scene but already have an awesome range of Star Wars related weapon.

This new wave includes Darth Momin’s Lightsaber Hilt, Tracking Fobs, Tuskbeast Pikes and Vibro Axes!

Each of the custom design weapons are created specifically for LEGO figures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

Shop the full range of by BigKidBrix now.

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Groovy Slasher Custom Minifigure

This Groovy Slasher Custom Minifigure is digitally printed by Mini

If your toybox is suffering from an outbreak of possessions, The Groovy Slasher may be the minifigure for you. With his tough attitude and knack for survival, he’ll soon clear out those troublesome spirits and you’ll be hailing a new King in your collection.

The Groovy Slasher comes with a chainsaw arm, a Brickarms Sawn off shotgun, a double sided head and a printed book of evil doings!

This custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging.

You can buy the Groovy Slasher Custom Minifigure at Mini now.

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