Crystal Black Panther Custom Minifigures

Crystal Minifigs have released a range of high quality Black Panther custom minifigures that are easily recognisable. They have even released a limited edition White Version.

Featuring a fantastic custom helmet and chrome printed head each minifigure is professionally pad printed , with printing on the torso, arms and legs.

Each minifigure is packed in a plastic box and comes with a metal numbered collectors plate.

Check out the full range by Crystal Minifigs now.

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FST Customs Jan 2020 Releases

The FST Customs Team have hit the ground running and have just released their first 8 custom minifigures of 2020. 

Choose from The Witcher Geralt, Steve Erwin, David Attenborough, Billie Eilish, ShadowMando, Darkdalorian, her Majesty The Queen and Kill Bill The Bride.

Each custom minifigure is made in limited so don’t miss out!

Be sure to check out this fantastic wave of FST Custom Minifigures now.

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Eric Design Custom Minifigures

Eric Designs is a relatively new vendor producing high quality pad printed Super Heroes custom minifigures.

Endgame Black Widow features a double sided head, double sided torso and comes with printing to the front and back of the legs, as well as arm printing. She comes in a plastic box with a numbered 0/100 collectors card.

This Thanos Iron Man Custom Minifigure features a single sided head, fantastic printed custom helmet, and 360 printing to the torso. He comes with printing to the front and side of the legs, as well as arm printing. He comes in a plastic box with a numbered 0/100 collectors card.

Check out all the latest releases by Eric Designs now.

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MaxBrick Gwenpool & Evil Gwenpool Custom Minifigures

MaxBrick have just released these 2 very distinctive pad printed Gwenpool & Evil Gwenpool Custom Minifigures.

Both come with a fantastic custom pad printed helmet, and printing to the head and double sided torso. As well as printing to the front and sides of the legs.

Each comes packaged in a plastic box with a numbered 0/120 collectors card.

Check out the full range by MaxBrick now.

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LEGO DC Comics Collectible Minifigures

LEGO have just released these fantastic DC Comics Collectible minifigures.

With 16 minifigures to collect, the collection includes minifigures of some of the most iconic DC characters, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Joker, Stargirl, Sinestro, Classic Cheetah, Aquaman, Bat-Mite, Flash, Green Lantern, Mister Miracle, Metamorpho, Bumblebee, Huntress, and Cyborg.

Shop the full Collectable LEGO Minifigures now.

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