Custom Printed Halloween Packs

These Halloween Packs packs will not only save you the time of going through thousands of products to build a collection of SPOOKY Halloween items, you’ll also save big with huge discounts on individual item prices!

Offering a mixture of printed custom and official LEGO pieces these packs are the perfect treat for this Halloween.

Each set comes in a custom-packaged blister pack perfect for storing them for another year.

Check out the full range of Custom Printed Packs now.

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Retro Gaming LEGO Printed Tiles

The FST Design Team have just released these awesome printed Retro Gaming LEGO tiles.

Complete your games room with our latest custom print retro console systems! Choose from the Brickstation , BES, Brickcube, Classic Xblox , and the Bricktendo DS.

Each design is UV Digitally printed onto an official LEGO tile.

Check out the full Retro Gaming Tiles by Firestar Toys now.

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Outside Brick Patriot Custom Minifigure

Following on from their very popular Hydra Patriot Custom Minifigure Outside Brick have just released this Patriot Custom Minifigure.

This high quality pad printed minifigure comes with a single sided head, custom helmet, shoulder armor and weapons.

Packed full of custom pieces this minifigure looks awesome and he is packaged in a numbered /100 printed LEGO box.

Check out all the latest custom minifigure releases by Outside Brick now.

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Pulp Fiction V2 Custom Minifigures

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield have been given a makeover by Mini These 2 fantastic UV digitally printed custom minifigures feature new parts, an awesome refreshed design and new packaging.

If you’re a Pulp Fiction fan, these version 2.0 minifigures are a must have purchase! 

These custom minifigure come in printed plastic blister packaging which are great for storing them in.

You can buy these Pulp Fiction Custom Minifigures at Mini now.

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UG Tron Iron Man Collection

Following on from our Tron Iron Man Custom Minifigures post, UG have just released another wave of Tron Iron Man minifigures.

Each one is high quality pad printed and features a single sided head, custom helmet, and 360 printing to the torso. With printing to the front, sides and back of the legs, as well as arm printing.

These 4 new designs are MK5, MK42, MK50 and War Machine. The collection is completed with the 3 older releases, MK6, MK26 and MK4.

Each one is packaged in a plastic box with a numbered /100 metal collectors card.

Check out all the latest releases by UG Minifigures now.

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