Bricktroops Dual Molded Weapons

From what I can gather Bricktroops is a custom vendor from Texas making a range of injection molded weapons including guns and swords.

This range of Dual Molded Weapons looks awesome and include guns from various different time periods.

Be sure to check out the latest releases by Bricktroops now.

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SW Jumpsuit Princess Custom Minifigure

This SW Jumpsuit Princess Custom Minifigure is a digitally printed minifigure by the FST Design team.

The Jumpsuit Princess is another brand new 360 custom print design with a double sided head, Brickarms weapon, Cloud City Visitor Guide Tile, and her own unique custom braided hair!

Be sure to check out the latest releases by FST Custom Design Minifigures now.

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Miss Liberty Custom Minifigure

This Miss Liberty Custom Minifigure is a digitally printed minifigure by Mini

Miss Liberty is always looking forward to the Fourth of July as it’s her time to shine! Overloaded with excitement, she’ll put on her costume and launch herself into the festivities.

Once she’s consumed all the local delicacies, you best be ready for her to sing the National Anthem at a volume so loud, even the Martians can revel in her patriotism.

Miss Liberty comes ready to celebrate with a tasty Hotdog, custom skirt piece and all she needs to belt out The Star-Spangled Banner.

You can buy the Miss Liberty Custom Minifigure at Mini now.

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Savage Custom Minifigure

This  Savage Custom Minifigure is pad printed by KO Custom Minifigs and is inspired by the X-Men Beast character.

He features a head with two expressions and a blue custom plastic injection molded hair piece.

He comes packaged in a plastic box with a numbered collector’s card and limited to just 100!

Be sure to check out all the latest custom minifigure releases by KO Custom Minifigs now.

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TMC USA Modern Military Bodies

These digitally printed USA Modern Military Bodies have been restocked by The Minifig Co. with updated designs.

There are 4 designs to choose from – 6-Color BDU Body (Pistol), 6-Color Woodland Vest Body, US 6-Color Battle Dress, Tri-Color BDU Body and US Ranger Mogadishu Body.

Each body has been digitally printed and features a 360 torso, printing to 3 sides of the legs and arm printing.

The Minifig Co. also do a range of heads, printed BrickArms helmets and caps to make complete minifigures.

Shop the all the latest releases by The Minifig Co now.

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