BigKidBrix Inquisitorius Double Hilt Lightsabers

These new Inquisitorius Double Hilt Lightsabers by BigKidBrix are absolutely awesome!

All custom design weapons are created specifically for LEGO figures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

Shop the full range of by BigKidBrix now.

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Christo Ghost Rider Custom Minifigure

Christo is back and this Ghost Rider Custom Minifigure is another simple yet perfect design. Pad printed to the highest quality this minifigure features a single sided head, double sided torso, and printing to the front of the legs including the hips and arm printing.

He comes in a plastic box with a printed collectors card. For this release it is not numbered which is slightly different.

Check out all the latest releases by Christo now.

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Clone Army Customs Phase 2 Helmets

Clone Army Customs have designed a huge range of custom headgear pieces for SW inspired minifigures and these new products are going to be an instant hit!

With so many different colour and design combinations to choose from, you can fully customise your imperial army.

The newly moulded phase 2 helmets by CAC are now in stock!

Check out all the latest releases by Clone Army Customs now!

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UG Brotherhood Bat V2 Custom Minifigure

Following on from the release of the Brotherhood Bat Custom Minifigure, UG have just released the 2nd in the trilogy of Brotherhood minifigures.

Based off the Brotherhood of the Bat comic books this Version 2 is a fantastic high quality pad printed minifigure by UG and features a single sided head, custom helmet, and 360 printing to the torso. He comes with printing to the front, sides and back of the legs, as well as arm printing. He also comes with a custom blue wing piece.

He comes in a plastic box with a numbered /80 metal collectors card.

Check out all the latest releases by UG Minifigures now.

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Incinerator Trooper FST Custom Minifigure

This Incinerator Trooper Custom Minifigure is designed and UV digitally printed by the FST Design Team using a mixture of genuine LEGO and custom brand parts.

Things are about to get heated! Fans may recognise this hot new figure from The Mandalorian series and he doesn’t disappoint! With great printing all around and custom accessories, he’ll fit into your ranks nicely.

Be sure to check out the latest releases by FST Custom Minifigures now.

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