Super Heroes Custom Minifigures

When LEGO released the 4 exclusive Super Heroes minifigures at the San Diego Comic Con in July 2012 as part of a free giveaway. There was only 1,000 each of DC Universe’s Bizarro and Shazam and Marvel Super Heroes Venom and Phoenix. A year before in 2011 they had released the exclusive Batman and Green Lantern minifigures.

This left quite a number of Super Heroes minifigure collectors disheartened as these minifigures sell for about £150 each on ebay, which meant they were far too expensive to collect. A number of custom minifigure designers have released their own versions of these minifigures but many are very low quality.

We were happy to see that Green Pea Toys have released 3 of these exclusive minifigures and the quality is pretty good. We have taken a photograph with the original minifigures so you can compare the difference.

Bizarro Custom Minifigure (left)

The Bizarro Custom Minifigure has a different coloured cape, but same hair piece. The black muscle lines are a bit darker, however we prefer the custom face to the original.

Green Lantern Custom Minifigure (left)

The Green Lantern Custom Minifigure has the same hair piece as the original, however the face is a lot different and not as good. The green torso is a lighter colour which is more in keeping with the comic books.

Shazam Custom Minifigure (left)

The Shazam Custom Minifigure comes with the same hair piece, and the torso print has darker muscle printing, and a lighter lightning bolt. Once more we prefer the face on the custom minifigure.

If you don’t mind having some custom minifigures in your LEGO collection then these are an affordable replacement for the originals.