FST Graduate Custom Minifigures

Celebrate the joy and pride of graduation day! These Graduate custom minifigures by the Firestartoys Print Studio are a perfect gift for celebrating the hard-earned success of a recent graduate.

Meticulously designed with attention to detail, they feature:

  • Double-sided head: Switch between two unique looks with one side featuring glasses for a scholarly appearance and the other without glasses for a confident, fresh graduate look.
  • Graduation certificate: A detailed accessory that adds authenticity, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.
  • Graduation gown: A classic black gown with fine details, capturing the essence of this significant milestone.
  • Mortarboard: Complete with a tassel, the traditional graduation cap sits proudly atop the minifigure’s head, ready for the ceremonial toss.

They also come with bespoke packaging and add a personal touch with a space for your own personalised message. Don’t forget to use the 10% Discount Code in the side menu!

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