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Buying Lego is easy, simply going into the Lego shops or shopping in their online store, however for custom Lego Minifigs, you need to be a bit more creative, you might find bodywear, headgear and weapons, on ebay, Amazon, or by using our menu on the right, but also small independent retailers of Lego custom minifig products, you might even find them from other building brick suppliers or from other modeling products.

Be sure to read out comprehensive review on all the Custom Minifig Brands.

It can be quite difficult to source the Lego you need for a custom minifig, so we’ve put together a table with a rating system to help you out.

Recommended LEGO & Custom Minifig Shops

FireStar Toys A huge selection of LEGO minifigures, custom minifigures, weapons and parts. tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg Super Heroes and Combat custom minifigures from BrothersFigure, Christo, and many more.

Featured LEGO & Custom Minifig Shops

LEGO UK Official Site tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
LEGO USA Official Site tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Amazon UK Amazon LEGO Minifigures tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Amazon USA Amazon LEGO Minifigures tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
The Minifigure Store LEGO Minifigure Series
Ebay UK Auction Site tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Ebay USA Auction Site tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
BrothersFigure LEGO Weapons tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
CombatBrick LEGO Weapons tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
LeYiLeBrick Custom Military Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
United Bricks Custom Military Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
The Minifig Co. Custom Military Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
BrickArms LEGO Weapons tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
EclipseGrafx Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Diamond CustomBricks Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Phoenix Customs Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Minifig.Me Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Brickforge LEGO Weapons tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Brick Warriors LEGO Weapons tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Mini Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Arealight LEGO Parts/Weapons tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Minifigs4U Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Crazy Minifigs Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Lab9 Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Funny Brick Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
Gold Bricks Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg
UG Minifigures Custom Minifigs tup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpgtup.jpg

Finally when Shopping for LEGO custom minifig pieces, you want to make sure you are always using legitimate retailers, Custom Minifig is not responsible for any problems that may occur, however please contact us of you do encounter problems with a particular LEGO minifig retailer, we’ll write an article and warn other LEGO custom minifig fans.

60 Responses to Buy LEGO Custom MiniFigs

  1. Robert says:

    Why can’t I find a link to purchase the g brick items

  2. niccolò says:

    good evening,
    I need some information. the lego minifigures “SCOPE Team V3” that I saw on your site, can they be bought somewhere? because they are really beautiful, and I would like to know where to find them or if by chance they are on sale from you.
    thank you very much in advance for your availability


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