Deep Black Contracting International Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of MarineRaider

This photograph of the Deep Black Contracting International Custom Minifigure is packed full of some tasty third party LEGO compatible pieces from BrickArms, eclipseGrafx, Minifig.Cat and Tiny Tactical!

Deep Black Contracting International was founded in 2014 by George Evans and Mark Devon. It quickly grew to be the largest and highest profiting private security corporation in the world, making over 500 billion in only 4 years.

After the start of the Iranian Empire, they were forced out of the Middle East and lost much of their profit. They provide the best service, recruiting their men from the best forces on Earth. Due to some recent scandals in their infrastructure, such as corrupt officials and shady operations, NATO is persistent in shutting them down.

They are unsuccessful however, as Deep Black has become too big of a player in world affairs. There have been no incidents of fire being exchanged between NATO forces and Deep Black, but they are being pushed closer and closer to the edge, especially with Deep Black becoming involved in the war.

Their training rivals that of the NATO CSOF and their weapons are very similar as well, but due to the huge assets of Deep Black, they have slightly better technology. Usually equipped with an MK-18 assault rifle and an M93-R machine pistol, these men are fast, precise, and deadly. They make no mistakes. Their paychecks count on it.

The stand-out features of this custom minifigure is the scarf made from brown and tan thread, and we really like the pouches stuck on the arms and legs. Finally this is a really good photograph!