Feed back please!

so its been around 3 years since this custom minifig blog first started, and there are over 2500 individual posts on here.

I’ve made some fantastic friends and done some amazing things as a result of this blog. notably i’ve seen the raise of amazing armory as a business, then the eventual split between some of the partners involved and Hazel taking on the business on his own, i’ve even gotten involved and suffered some of the issues faced with posting hundreds of thousands of items, this gave me a whole new perspective on what all the custom minifig accessory makers face so hats off to all of you. most importantly i’ve had the chance to share some of the great and inspiring custom minifigs that all you readers have produced, for that i’m eternally grateful!

we’re now turning a new era, i’m not doing much with hazel anymore though i’m helping with one specific project that you can see here. so i’m hoping to take this blog to the next level and make it more useful for all you readers.

as such, i’m keen to find out what your thoughts are and what you think could be improved about it. I’ve got a stack of amazing armory items that I’m willing to give away to one lucky reader, to win, simply tell me what you think could be improved on the custom minifig site.

how can we improve it? fancy a forum? more interviews? tutorials? a storefront? anything goes!

simply post a comment for your chance to win a load of amazing armory stuff.

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