Amazing armory custom minifig accessory sneak peek

amazing armory custom minifig lego

I’ve had to crop and blur this as this is going to be totally amazing. its parts from the new custom minifig accessory set thats about to come out. I can’t talk too much about who or what this is, due to some legal issues the surround this particular set, suffice to say, even after blurring you can still see hazels workmanship.

this is going to be like the Jin roh custom minifig, a full set of parts to make up this minifig, and totally awesome. unfortunately this also means its going to come with the same kind of price tag. this being said, there’s no release date for this yet, so you’ve got plenty of time to start saving. I’m going to try get my hands on one of these minifigs at some point paint it up and try and show you the rest of the set!