Win Free Amazing Armory stuff

Win Free Amazing Armory stuff
Win Free Amazing Armory stuff by timeforacatnap

Just a quick reminder to you all, make sure you post on THIS thread!

to those of you who’ve already posted make sure you check again and send me your address!

to those who have already sent my your address, thanks! i’ve not replied as i’m waiting for everyone else to send their’s in 😀

totally unrelated, I’m think of starting an annual awards for custom minifigs, what do you all think?

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5 Responses to Win Free Amazing Armory stuff

  1. eclipsegrafx says:

    I think an annual award would be so awesome. Would there be a nominating process?

    “its an honor to even be nominated” 😛

  2. Morgan19 says:

    Awards would be fun, so long as everyone remembers to they’re supposed to be fun… I’ve seen that sort of thing (particularly online, where faceless emotions tend to rear their unrestrained heads) devolve into “why doesn’t anyone like mine!?” posts a few too many times.

    And again, I REALLY like these question-based posts alongside the regular figure entries. Asking a question invites feedback and discussion, which helps raise the blog’s community feel.

  3. Ignacio.B says:

    I would love to see a award thing going. It would be a great chance to invite more people.
    P.S. To who should we send our address?

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