Tiny Tactical Order

Tiny Tactical Order
Tiny Tactical Order by Sgt. Brickarms

seems like Brickarms have a fight on their hands from Tiny Tactical a new player on the market. the review is as follows –
M2000 Helmet- Simple, yet great. Looks even better with the GM01 Gas Mask. 9.5/10

GM01 Gas Mask- Best custom Lego gas mask I’ve ever seen. A little fragile, over all 9.5/10

STV1 Vest- Very detailed. I can’t think of something that needs to be improved. 10/10

MSR Radio- Like the helmet, simple yet good. It’s a little fragile although overall good. 9/10

SMG-A1- Very detailed. Some sections could be improved, but it is fine the way it is. 8.5/10
(from Sgt Brickarms)