Wicked Brick Diplay Solutions For LEGO Minifigures

Since 2017 Wicked Brick have been making display solutions for pop culture collectibles such as LEGO®, Funko, Hot Toys, Hasbro® and many others and have over 60,000 satisfied customers!

Their product range is endless from LEGO Set specific cases to individual minifigure cases all made to a very high quality.

Protect and and display your minifigures in a display case. There are a number of sizes available and they are made from Perspex brand acrylic. Key features include:

  • Two tier 5mm and 3mm black base plates with cut out slots to securely place your Minifigures on their LEGO® base plates.
  • The crystal clear 3mm buildable display case clicks together and slots firmly into holes in the base plate.

Another display option is this multi-tiered display podium crafted from 5mm Perspex® acrylic. Key features include:

  • Each tier has been created to a height that allows the maximum viewing of each level while ensuring the display still remains compact.
  • Showcase 80 Minifigures with our embedded stud connections.

If you have a lot of LEGO minifigures to showcase then a Wall Mounted Display Case would be the perfect solution. The display cases are designed for seamless construction while also offering added security for your Minifigures.

Each case is multi-tiered and purposefully embedded with a series studs to securely accommodate your Minifigures along with all of their accessories. 

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