3 New FST Custom Printed Superheroes

Firestartoys Print Studio have just released 3 fantastic new UV Digitally printed Custom Printed Superheroes.

Unbeatable Adolescent

Ready to fight and live up to his name, the Unbeatable Adolescent will dive head first into battle. However to survive the bigger threats, he’ll have to be…

The Unbeatable Adolescent comes with a custom hairpiece, 2 head designs and baseball tile!

Overbearing Superhero Dad

The Overbearing Superhero Dad is one of the strongest heroes around. He’s capable of taking on the greatest threats with ease, but being a father is no easy task. When the truth needs to be told, he’s willing to do anything to get his point across which doesn’t always end well.

The Overbearing Superhero Dad comes with a custom hairpiece and a soft red cape!

Subatomic Manipulator

The Subatomic manipulator is ready to fight alongside your other heroes, but when the drama gets too much, she’ll happily work alone.

She comes with a custom hairpiece, a custom light pink cape, and 2 Trans-Pink power pieces.

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