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Jasbricks Corporation custom minifigs

Jasbricks corporation round up:

Corporation HALO Specialist

Corporation Exosuit Captain

Corporation Combat Cyborg

Corporation Accountant

Corporation Audit Team

Corporation Marksman

Corporation Special Forces

Here’s a collection of links to Jasbricks custom minifig series call the corporation, its really cool and there’s tons of custom parts that Jasbrick has made.

Below is the Brickviet collection, which I first blogged about on custom minifig and how I met Jasbrick
Brikviet Shocktrooper Leader

Brikviet Shocktrooper Heavy Weapon Specialist

Brikviet Shocktrooper Close Combat Specialist

Brikviet Gunship Pilot

Brikviet Tank Commander

Brikviet Elite Guard

Brikviet Light Infantry

Brikviet Gunship Door Gunner

Brikviet Kommandant Brikhov

Brikviet Death Commando Stealth

Brikviet Death Commando Assault

Brikviet Hellbat Fighter Pilot

Brikviet Riot Police Kommissar

Brikviet Riot Police

Brikviet Recon Jump Trooper

Brikviet Death Commando Sniper

Brikviet Death Commando Missile Launcher

Brikviet Byclone Rider

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Corporation HALO Specialist custom minifig

Corporation HALO Specialist custom minifig by jasbrick

(Corporation HALO Specialist custom minifig by jasbrick)

Jasbrick has done it again, this is by far one of the best custom minifigs I’ve seen, the mask is modified, the helmet is modified, the chest piece is Sluban, and modified, the weapons are Brick arms and the rifle is modified, what I really like in particular is the backback and emergency chute on the custom minifig, its brilliant, all I can hope is that Jasbrick will find the time to a. get me one of these, and b. make an ebook on how these are made.

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More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick

More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick1More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick2

More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick3

(Lego corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick)

Jasbrick, apparently managed to cut himself, which has relegated him to not being able to work on custom minifigs for a while…but you wouldn’t be able to tell with these new custom minifigs he’s made, as part of his corporation series of custom minifigs, you can find the last artcle about it here. The corporation minifigs are the nemisis for the brickviet custom minifigs Jasbrick made, you can find out more about those here.

What I really like about his corporation minifigs is the eye piece, which i think is a modified lego piece. Jasbrick has also modifed several Brickarms custom minifig parts. and he’s used a few sluban minifig accessories as well. Whilst the accountant minifig, the one in the top left looks simplest, its my favorite, its simple and uses plenty of original Lego parts, but it works.

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Alien Minifig by jasbrick

Alien Minifig by jasbrick

(alien custom minifig by jasbrick)

This is jasbricks latest creation, its an Alien custom minifig, or it could be some sort of space suit minifig but I’m not sure, there’s a lot of custom work done to this minifig, but personally its not my cup of tea, Jasbricks brickviet, and corporation custom minifigs are better in my opinion, but I can repect this minifig for its innovation and creativity, particularly the helmet and mask.

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The corporation custom minifigs

The corporation custom minifigs

(The corporation custom minifig by Jasbrick)

This is Jasbrick’s latest project, so I’m guessing he’s finished his how-to ebook on his Briviet minfigs, I really like his stuff as he gets really creative with other parts, not just Lego parts, and his custom minfigs are sanded, painted and cut, on this particular custom minifig, i particularly like the night vision goggles and the combination of head, as it really ‘seals the deal’ in defining this minifig. the weapons are naturally from Brick arms, and Jasbrick has made a name for himself for producing this minifig chest rigs by modding sluban ( a clone Lego company) minifig accessories.

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