Alien Minifig by jasbrick

Alien Minifig by jasbrick

(alien custom minifig by jasbrick)

This is jasbricks latest creation, its an Alien custom minifig, or it could be some sort of space suit minifig but I’m not sure, there’s a lot of custom work done to this minifig, but personally its not my cup of tea, Jasbricks brickviet, and corporation custom minifigs are better in my opinion, but I can repect this minifig for its innovation and creativity, particularly the helmet and mask.

One thought on “Alien Minifig by jasbrick

  1. He..He.. Everyones a critic! No I agree with your comments he is very different from the Brikviets / Corporation. I do like to deviate a bit occasionally and this was more of an experiment than anything. Thanks for the comments and I may have a few things that are more “your cup of tea” in a while.

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