The corporation custom minifigs

The corporation custom minifigs

(The corporation custom minifig by Jasbrick)

This is Jasbrick’s latest project, so I’m guessing he’s finished his how-to ebook on his Briviet minfigs, I really like his stuff as he gets really creative with other parts, not just Lego parts, and his custom minfigs are sanded, painted and cut, on this particular custom minifig, i particularly like the night vision goggles and the combination of head, as it really ‘seals the deal’ in defining this minifig. the weapons are naturally from Brick arms, and Jasbrick has made a name for himself for producing this minifig chest rigs by modding sluban ( a clone Lego company) minifig accessories.

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  1. JasBrick says:

    Thanks… I wish I had finished my Brikviet manual, however I am still typing away now! The Corporation were made in a brief moment of respite…. back to the manual.

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