New Brickviet Custom minifigs by Jasbrick

Jasbrick has created a few more custom minfigs for his on going Brickviet custom minifig series, with a really strom sci-fi and russian influence, these custom minifigs are fantastic.

New Brickviet Custom minifigs by Jasbrick1

This custom minifig has a brilliant russian hand, chest piece and cigar, theres alot of cutting and modding to make such a custom minifig but i think you’ll agree its very distinct, the weapons are naturally Brick Arms, as for the minifig head, i’m unsure if its custom or a standard lego piece, certainly the coat rounds off the custom minifig really well.

New Brickviet Custom minifigs by Jasbrick2

I really like the creativity in this custom minifig, which is a minigunner from Jasbricks Brickviet custom minifig series, the eyepiece looks like it was a cut off part of the Lego oil can, and the ammo box on the Brick Arms  weapon is a single Lego clip piece, the chest piece is from a Lego clone company calle sluban, that has then been modified for these custom minifigs.

New Brickviet Custom minifigs by Jasbrick

This is something really different from Jasbrick, I’m guessing its something of a new project, I really like the chestpiece and the alterations to the helmet

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