our 2000th post

thank you all for your support and for all your great custom minifigs.

to celebrate, simply post a reply in the comments thread and if you’re the 200th person to reply, we’ll send you something quite special, its a surprise but i can guarantee its going to be amazing.

thank you all once again for your support and great custom minifigs, i sincerely hope you’ll continue to read customminifig.co.uk and keep customizing those great custom minifigs.

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12 Responses to our 2000th post

  1. Leper says:

    whooo!!!!!!! whats the prize haha?

  2. Morgan19 says:

    This is one of the few LEGO blogs I visit fairly frequently because of its focus on figures– obviously, one of my specialties. 🙂 I’ve discovered several Flickr members here that I probably never would’ve run across otherwise, so thank you for continuing to post interesting creations.

    Jamie (Morgan19)

  3. Finn says:

    Well, I am not getting anywhere by being the third to reply… -.-‘

  4. Crossbones says:

    this might be awhile

  5. Ricardo says:

    Morgan 19 is right this is one of the best costum lego sites ever

    Congratulations to you all people of costumminifig.com

  6. Joker 742 says:


  7. rusty595 says:


  8. Bio-Hazard says:

    Wooooo! ~ I will win!

  9. Morgan19 says:

    Whatever happened with this? 😉 Given that 12 comments is a far cry from 200, did it just sort of fizzle away and die?

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