FST Jorjay Ra Meero Custom Minifigure

This Jorjay Ra Meero Custom Minifigure is a limited UV Digitally Printed minifigure by the  Firestartoys Print Studio and includes an awesome, custom printed, GLOW IN THE DARK helmet, a special numbered tile, an Imperial Officer Voodoo doll tile and a special custom backing card (limited to 150).

Taking off from their base on Scare’if, Ghoul Squadron is ready to put the frighteners up the Empire any day of the year. Being a survivor of Imperial Bioweapons Project 171A, ‘JORJAY RA’MEERO’ is keen to give some payback to the Imperial forces. With his undead state, he’s able to survive things no regular pilot can, but his mind isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be.

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