Zombie Bride & Groom Custom Minifigures

Just in time for Halloween Mini Figures.com have just released these 2 digitally printed Zombie inspired custom minifigures.

Zombie Bride
Even death couldn’t stop this bride from having the wedding of her dreams. From having the perfect dress to making sure her ring finger is secure, she has a lot to think about. So it’s lucky she filled up on brains. It will all be worth it though once she is at the altar with her partner, making the vows that will change her undeath!
The Zombie Bride is ready for her big day in a designer dress with tattered veil, and holds onto a not so fresh bouquet to throw to the guests.

Zombie Groom
As he prepares for the big day, the groom is shaking with nerves, even though most of them aren’t intact. He puts on his dapper suit and tie, and practices the vows, while hoping he doesn’t fall apart at the altar. Once there though, he and his partner will be joined together in ‘holey’ matri’moan’y til’ life do them part.
The Zombie groom is ready to attend the ceremony in his flashy printed suit, and brings with him a ring and list of undead vows.

Each custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging with the accessories shown in the picture.

You can buy these Zombie Custom Minifigures at Mini Figures.com now.