LEGO Combat Soldiers

LEGO Colonel Hardy & Desert Strike Force Custom Minifigure

LEGO have a policy of not creating LEGO themes about war and they try to keep away from creating soldiers and guns as much as possible. With the DC Universe LEGO set Superman: Battle of Smallville the designers had to create the character Colonel Hardy, and the result is a minifigure as close to a combat soldier as you are going to get, and to be honest the torso is excellent!

Superman Battle of Smallville 76003 and Desert Strike Force Custom Minifigure

The Desert Strike Force Custom Minifigure by eclipseGrafx looks amazing with the set, and features 360 degree pad printed with Brown Goggle Covers, Leg Gun Holster, and BrickArms XMP and M9 guns.

If you get this set we recommend you get a couple of DSF minifigures!