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eclipseGrafx Vintage Arachnid Custom Minifigure

It has been along time since eclipseGrax released a Super Hero custom minifigure, however the wait was well worth it!

This pad printed Vintage Arachnid comes with his signature trench coat and hat. He also has an additional pair of printed arms in case you would like to remove the coat. He is armed with a BrickArms M1928.

He will also come with a collectible card, numbered authenticity card and special collectors tin finished off with a special clippy sticker.

Shop the latest eclipseGrax custom minifigures now.

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eclipseGrafx Reaper & Specter Custom Minifigures

Reaper eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

eclipseGrafx have just released 2 excellent pad printed military inspired custom minifigures.

Both the Reaper and Specter minifigures come with a single sided face and the torso and legs are printed 360 degrees on all surfaces. How they managed to print on the inside of the leg is unreal!

As with all eclipseGrafx custom minifigures they come with a double sided printed collectors card and a range of BrickArms sniper rifles and combat knives, so they are ready for combat.

Specter Rio De Janeiro eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

If you collect modern military minifigures then these are a must – get them while stocks last!

You can buy both the Reaper & Specter Cutom Minifigures by eclipseGrafx at now.

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Grid Iron eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure Wave

Grid Iron eclipseGrafx

It has been a while since eclipseGrafx released a new wave of minifigures, however these Grid Iron custom minifigures are well worth the wait. Available in Blue, Orange, or Yellow they have been pad printed with a Photoluminescent Ink.

This means the figure will glow for a short period of time after being charged with natural light, and will glow bright when charged using an ultraviolet black light.

Grid Iron eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

Taking inspiration from Tron and Iron Man they feature a helmet and body armour designed and provided by Clone Army Customs, not available anywhere else.

Overall the quality is fantastic, and I am sure these will sell out quickly!

You can buy these Grid Iron Custom Minifigures at

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eclipseGrafx Mission Rio De Janeiro Wave

eclipseGrafx Mission Rio De Janeiro Minifigures

eclipseGrafx Mission has just released their third minifigure from the Mission Rio De Janeiro theme and he is called PsyOps Support (right). Specter Rio De Janeiro (middle) who we have reviewed was released first followed by the equally amazing Reaper minifigure (left).

PsyOps Support minifigures go through rigorous training in order to remove their old identity and instil the Loyalty, Proficiency, Discipline, and the drive for Excellence. PsyOps Support Units are Loyal to the Core and will selflessly give their lives to support Phantom V.

PsyOps Support eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigures

This PsyOps Support minifigure is cheaper than the Reaper and Specter as it is meant to be an army builder. To keep the cost down it does not come with any side leg printing however I can see the head and printed arm being used on a lot of other custom minifigures.

Both the PsyOps Support and Reaper custom minifigures are by eclipseGrafx are available to buy at If you like combat minifigures I definitely wouldn’t miss out on getting these 2 fantastic minifigs!

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eclipseGrafx Hunter Redux Minifigures

eclipseGrafx Hunter Redux Minifigures

Due to popular demand eclipseGrafx have updated their hugely popular Hunter combat minifigure. Available in light flesh, brown or yellow each minifigure comes with printed muscle arms, four-sided torso printing, a printed head, and full printed boots with Tiger Stripe Camo printed legs.

eclipseGrafx Hunter Brown and Light Flesh Minifigures

Each minifigure comes with a different weapon but they all come with a Dark Olive BrickArms M1 Pot Helmet and an eclipseGrafx Trading card.

You can buy these 3 custom minifigures from eclipseGrafx UK reseller now!

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