Atticus Steampunk Assassin Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Sir Steampunk

This Atticus Steampunk Assassin Custom Minifigure uses some nice LEGO pieces, and a great photograph reflecting the Steampunk theme. He also comes with a back story.

As I walked into the bar, I looked around for my target. Yes, I should clarify that I’m an assassin. There he was, to the left of me, talking with the bartender. Ah, this battle might go down in history! The deadly robot Atticus fighting the powerful Avion Steamlord! C.O.A.L will be pleased with me when I am done slitting his throat open with my hook. Besides, I’m a machine, I am deadly, and I am unable to perish! Well, I have one weak spot, my left eye.

The stand-out feature is the top hat which comes from the Minifigure Series 1 Magician minifigure.