Jorunn The Skald King Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Sander

Jorunn the Skald King is a Nordic High King in The Elder Scrolls Online. He is the leader of the Ebonheart Pact who is fighting against the other Alliances for control of the Imperial Throne.

This custom minifigure features a range of molded pieces using Green Stuff, which is a two part mixture (yellow and blue) that you mix together. You can sculpt it, and then leave it to dry, and it has a consistency very much like blue-tack so it is super easy to mold. Green Stuff can be bought at the Games Workshop.

Jorunn The Skald King

Sander has include an image of the Jorunn The Skald King so it is great to be able to see the inspiration behind his custom minifigure. The sculpted pieces look really good and true to the image, right down to the broken horn on the helmet, and then it is nicely painted. The tan armour could have perhaps been dry brushed to give it a more battle worn look, however for a first attempt at sculpting this is an excellent effort!