Berzerker Custom Minifigure

Berzerker Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of mclovin

This Berzerker Custom Minifigure is a badass and knows exactly how to take down his enemies with extreme precision and efficiency. Using the Brick Affliction’s Bane set and the Battle Hard Face Tattoo Special Edition head by eclipseGrafx this minifigure is packed full of detail.

The hair is a great idea and looks really realistic,  he carries chains around his hand which is a nice touch and he has a scrap piece of corrugated iron to deflect bullets and other attacks.

The main weapon which is a great build is a custom made shotgun that has a drum-fed lever-action mechanism, a blade for close encounters and the barrel off of a flamethrower which acts as a choke.

The painted detailing on the armour is excellent and the use of a base plate to showcase the minifigure really sets it off.

Overall a custom minifigure to be proud of!