eclipseGrafx Winter 2013 Releases

eclipseGrafx Winter 2013 Releases

EclipseGrafx released three custom minifigures as part of their Winter 2013 Release. These were The Captain and Cold War soldier inspired by the 2014 Captain America The Winter Soldier movie, and Reaper a continuation of the Specter theme.

The Captain eclipseGrafx Custom Minigure Front

UV Digitally printed The Captain has an amazing amount of design on it, and is printed all the way around. He comes with a LEGO Captain America shield and looks great!

Cold War Soldier eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure Front

This Cold War Soldier Custom Minifigure is UV digitally printed and looks amazing. Packed full of detailing he comes with a double sided head and a revolver and automatic rifle.

Reaper eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure Front

Whenever eclipseGrafx release a minifigure from the Specter series there is always something unique. Specter Rio De Janeiro came with pad printed hands and the new Reaper comes with a printed bandana! Again packed full of detailing and UV digitally printed, he comes with  a knife and automatic rifle and we predict this minifigure is set to sell out quick!

You can buy these 3 custom minifigures from eclipseGrafx UK reseller now!