Benjamin Smith Deep Space Engineer Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Yappen All Day Long

It is almost hard to believe that a few hundred years ago people once thought flying cars would be the pinnacle of human success. We have achieved so much more and have gotten rid of the want for such frivolous ideas. I can see why we seldom go back to the place humanity came from. They used to say space was the “final frontier,” if only they had known the half of it…

This Benjamin Smith Deep Space Engineer custom minifigure comes with some good combinations of compatible LEGO pieces and it is nice to have story line to put the minifigure into context.

This minifigure has a tan Tactical Vest, and Combat Legs by eclipseGrafx. These legs are digitally printed both sides, with a design on the belt on the back, and available in a range of colours. He is wearing black Vambraces and has a great looking weapon.

Someone will have to explain the concept of a rubber band around his leg ?!?