Richard Hammond and Lego

AFOL fan have cause to celebrate when you consider Richard Hammond, the Top Gear presenter is a Lego fan. It might be old news, but lets face it, when Richard Hammond ended up in a Life threatening coma, and had to eventually rehabilitate, Lego was what the doctor ordered, and it’s no surprise when you consider that Lego helps to condition the mind to sophisticated thought processes, most of which Richard Hammond had to redevelop. Lego, helps to develop skills through interactive play, so its perfect therapy,

Hammond, 36, who is now expected to make a full recovery, also said that the accident had reignited his childhood love of Lego and the card game, Top Trumps. Lego saved my life, he said. It’s really good therapy for a brain injury. I was a Lego fiend when I was eight and, suddenly, it was all I wanted to do again. 

Now Richard Hammond has made a full recovery and has gone on in his career to present all sorts of other shows, lets how he’s still a keen Lego fan!