Dia De Los Muertos Collection

Mini Figures.com have just released two Day of the Dead custom minifigures that make up their Dia De Los Muertos Collection.

This El Mariachi Muerto Custom Minifigure is UV digitally and comes with an elegantly printed outfit, including a Sombrero and a custom printed guitar to play his inspiring music on.

With a skeletal grin on his face and a tune in his heart, he’ll soon get minifigures smiling and dancing to heartwarming songs and exciting guitar melodies.

This La Catrina Custom Minifigure is UV digitally and comes with a brightly printed dress, a custom flowered hairpiece, and a custom printed fan to help keep her cool during the celebrations.

 She honours the ancestors with joy and happiness and spends time with her family and share stories about the minifigures that have been lost, and remember the good times.

You can buy this Dia De Los Muertos Collection at Mini Figures.com now.