Night of the Cursed Wolf Collection

FireStar Toys have been busy creating these werewolf-inspired custom minifigures using existing LEGO parts and UV Digitally custom design parts to complete the Night of the Cursed Wolf collection.

When night falls, the monsters of the land come to play, and our ‘Cursed Imposter’ knows all about that when a full moon hits. Sneaking his way to a hunter’s meet is one small step in saving a friend, and having to keep his secret may prove hard for him. The ‘Cursed Imposter’ features double-sided suit and head print, with custom painted hair.

This new collection includes the Cursed Imposter, Cursed Wolf, Disgraced Daughter, Ceremonial Widow, Redstone Major, Bearded Hunter, Furred Hunter, Proclaimed Hunter and Determined Hunter.

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