new new stuff

brickarms KR98 rifle from brickarms, coolness though not out of this world, works with the brickarms minifig helmet.

brickforge on the other hand have gone to town with their new range of custom minifig accessories

Most of the new items were only available in tan and dark tan, while other items (like the guitars, drumsticks) were available in several colors (they were only blue and red at BrickWorld).

The official list of new products:

– Centaur body piece
– Mohawk (originally released at BrickWorld)
– Flintlock
– Musket
– Drumstick (originally released at BrickWorld)
– Guitar (originally released at BrickWorld)
– Backpack
– Ranger hat
– Shepherd’s Crook
– Ammo pack
– Lamp post
– Violin
– Tomahawk
– Feather plume (not pictured)
– Ponytail (not pictured)
– Maverick hair (not pictured)

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