Lonewolf Halokalyptic Squad Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Tuminio

Minh Pham asked me to blog about his Halo Lonewolf Halokalyptic Squad custom minifigures. Here are Custom Minifig we do like a lot of Tuminio’s work as the painted detail is always well done however sometimes as with these minifigures he over does it a bit and they all end up looking like the Predator.

You probably think we are being a bit harsh however LEGO minifigure customising is a fine line between using LEGO, decals, printing, painting and sculpting. Although LEGO purists will say you can make a high quality minifigure without going beyond LEGO pieces.

While as a sculpture piece these figures look amazing, however you tend to forget at the bottom are some LEGO minifigures.

What do you think?