lego buzz lightyear custom minifig

lego buzz lightyear custom minifig  by u7k6a123

(lego buzz lightyear custom minifig by u7k6a123)

This is a really nice and simple custom minifig of buzzlight year from the pixlar and disney film Toystory, whilst the buzz lightyear decals are paper stickers, it still communicates the essence of buzz light year in minifig scale, it’d be really nice to see a vignette of toystory made from Lego, better yet lego should make a toystory lego set, that would be really cool, especially the green army men, that would rock!

One thought on “lego buzz lightyear custom minifig

  1. they actually are coming out with lego toy story in 2010, with real minifigures!!!! the head are not like original minfigure heads although… woodys legs are longer and so are some others. they also have the green army men! my favorite from toy story! i cant wait!

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