Juggernaut Army of Two Custom Minifigure

Juggernaut Army of Two Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1


This Juggernaut Army of Two Custom Minifigure looks amazing! The Ballistic mask and Interceptor vest are Modern Brick Warfare exclusives while the Ballistic mask has been modded. The fit was not that great, so G-Bricks did a bit of drilling on the inside so that the eye’s would show through the eye holes properly and the clips and hair was sculpted onto it.

The vest was made by cutting away the inside plate that sits on top of the shoulders of the torso, so that the vest sits lower down. Then the groin plate has been sculpted. The arms are a new G-Bricks part which features t-shirt sleeves and elbow pads.

Lastly, the weapon is a BrickArms M249 Para with an added carry handle.

Stand-out features include the fantastic helmet and the sculpted groin looks awesome. The paint work is exceptional with a great choice of colours and overall a very high quality custom minifigure.