Jade Guardian Custom Minifigure

Jade Guardian Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of Geoshift

The Jade Guardian is a character that walks the line of old and new technology, using energy weapons and defenses that are very advanced, but in the form of traditional weapons that were known and used by past generations.

This fantastic Jade Guardian Custom Minifigure uses the grey and silver armour from the new LEGO Superman minifigures. The armour is one of the most detailed armour pieces LEGO has created and perfect for your own space themed custom minifigs.

Jade Guardian has to be my favourite custom by Geoshift. The choice of colour combinations is excellent with the various shades of green and the painting technique is insane. Geoshift used 4 size brushed to create this masterpiece. One is a micro (like a 20/0 in Reaper sizing), one of a standard size (most of the work is done with this one), a wash brush and a large dry brush.

Highlights are the BrickForge Ponytail, the Spear and Shield which combines LEGO and Warhammer 40k. Finally as always with a Geoshift custom minifigure, the background compliments the custom minifigure.

We would love to see a group photograph of all the Geoshift custom minifigs – it would be very colourful!