Hazels new stuff! amazing custom minifig accessories


you really cant argue that when it comes to custom elements for lgo minifigs Hazel is one of the top customizers, here we see some of the mid production items that will soon be available at minifig shop, these are the last mouldings of these custom minifig accessories, before metal moulds are made in order to mass produce these items. as you can see the level of detail and the smartness of the design are integral to why Hazels items are just so sought after and just so collectible, you’ll be interested to know that when these items go out some will be limited edition, for example we’ll be stocking M1 helmets in great quantity, we’ll also be stocking Hazels Iron man helmets whick will be numbered and limited to a fixed amount (to ever be produced), there will be a chrome version of the iron man helmet, and the Jin Roh character that inspired Killzones characters will be one of the most collectable custom minifigs ever, its going to be amazing and we’re jsut waiting for photos of the custom minifig to come through before giving you all more information.