Hazel Jin Roh custom minifig helmet and mask



Two more final versions from Hazel, the top photo shows the killzone custom minifig helmet and gas mask combo, and an mg34, whilst the handle isn’t accurate, the rest of the weapon is designed to be highly detailed and isn’t really designed as atoy but a display item for custom minifigs, really for serious collectors. the below image is from the jin roh image below, is going to be a limited item inspired by jin roh, the insperation for the kill zone characters, as far as the custom minifigs go, these custom minifigs will be sold as a set, with the first 500 as limited edition items with numbers and red eyes, further items will only be in white and again limited in production, theminifig isn’t included, but apparently the set is made up of several items including the custom minifig scale machine gun, ammo belts and of course the armour and mask.