Emerald eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

Emerald eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure

This Emerald eclipseGrafx Custom Minifigure or better known as Rogue in the X-Men is one of the most popular characters. She has the mutant ability to absorb the memories, knowledge, and physical abilities of anyone she comes in contact with. Unable to control her powers Rogue turns to the X-men and Professor X for help.

Emerald has 360 degree pad printed on her torso, legs and waist. Pad printing is the same technique that LEGO use, so the quality is amazing. Her printed costume is inspired by the comic books rather than the film trilogy and looks really good. She also comes with a custom fitted flight jacket that matches with her pad printed arms.

eclipsegrafx X-Men Custom Minifigures

Emerald is the fourth member of the team and third to be custom printed by eclipseGrafx. The other two are Laserbeam and Tempest. If you have never bought a minifigure by eclipseGrafx then we recommend you do so as the quality is amazing.

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