Desert Ops Explosives Expert Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of General JJ

With so many great third party LEGO compatible suppliers around, making your own high quality custom minifigures just got a lot easier. This Desert Ops Explosives Expert looks fantastic and uses some very nice combinations. The minifigure is a modified Desert Strike Force custom minifigure designed by EclipseGrafx.

The EclipseGRAFX ski mask looks great under the boonie hat, and the torso print is very detailed with ammo pouches. He has a LEGO backpack and even his arm have some printing on them. The combat pants are 2 sided, with a belt design on the back. If you like the legs and ski mask they are available in a range of colours.

To complete this minifigure he is carrying a BrickArms Multiple Grenade Launcher with a removeable chamber and a Time Bomb.

The extensive amount of graphics contained on this minifigure is incredible, and every detail is perfect along with the desert camouflage. The new combinations look great, and by just swapping some key pieces the possibilities are endless.