Onyx Guard Battle Scene

Photo courtesy of Pecovamo

If you like blood splattered scenes, then this Onyx Guard Battle Scene is just for you! Featuring the custom painted Brick Affliction Onyx Guard Set, Brick Affliction Locust Set, custom painted miniature base, and custom Painted Brick Affliction Lancer, Retro Lancer, and modded GOW Knee Pads.

These minifigures have an amazing amount of sculptured detailing on them, and the helmets look fantastic, then everything is painstakingly hand painted. So how long do you think it would take to complete this scene? In terms of hours, its hard to say, as you have to paint all the base colours first then let them dry overnight. Pecovamo then washes the piece and gives it a couple of hours to dry, then he layers the colours giving each one time to dry before adding the fine detailing, battle damage, and blood splatter effects.

This piece was painted using Citadel paints as the base, layers, and washes has a way of coming together to make the finished piece look amazing. If you find the paints a bit too expensive they are best used when mixed with water which stretches their life out.

So I wonder how much something last this would cost to buy?