CombatBrick August 14 Wave

CombatBrick August 14 Wave

The August 14 Wave by CombatBrick sees the arrival of headgear available in 3 colours; Black, Dark Tan and Military Green. They are compatible with all LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

The 8 new pieces are MW Boonie Hat, WWII Officer Visor Cap, WWII German Soldier Helmet Stahlhelm, MW Advanced Combat Helmet, WWII US Army M1 Steel Pot Helmet, MW Beret, WWII Side Cap and MW SpecOps Ballistic Helmet.

CombatBrick Head Gear

Two different Night Vision Goggles are available and thay are the NVG-18 and NVG-23. These fit the the MW SpecOps Ballistic Helmet and MW Advanced Combat Helmets.

They have also released two ammo boxes, and the large one comes in 3 pieces. Finally, a Bipod and excellent Tactical Shield complete the release.

This new wave by CombatBrick is available at now.