Clone Army Customs Wave 4 Helmets

Clone Army Customs Wave 4 Helmets

Update your Star Wars The Clone Wars minifigures with this fantastic Wave 4 range of helmets by Clone Army Customs. These custom helmets are created specifically for LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

The new 25 piece collection consists of:

P2 Geo Trooper Helmet
Scuba Trooper Green Helmet
Scuba Monnk Green Helmet
Scuba Classic Helmet
P2 501st Hlwn Helmet
P2 Shock Hlwn Helmet
P2 Covert Plain Helmet
P2 Kash Plain Helmet
P2 Geo Star Helmet
P2 Geo Plain Helmet
P2 Bomb Squad Helmet
P2 Gray 501st Helmet
P2 212th Invert Helmet
P2 Black Print Sand Green Macros
P2 Printed Macros Sand Green
P2 Printed Macros Orange
P2 Printed Macros Dark Orange
P2 Printed Macros Dark Bluish Gray
ARC Trooper Geo Helmet
ARC Havoc Geo Helmet
ARC Blitz Hlwn Helmet
ARC Colt Hlwn Helmet
ARC Colt Geo Helmet
ARC Blitz Green Helmet
ARC Blitz Blue Helmet

Update your Clone Troopers with this amazing helmets from Clone Army Customs now!

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