Joker TDK Custom Minifigure

Joker TDK Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This Joker TDK Custom Minifigure is inspired by the Dark Knight bank robbery scene when five small-time criminals rob the Gotham National Bank, four of which were methodically or accidentally killed off in the heist. The Joker himself posed as one of his thugs, going by the call-sign Bozo.

This minifigure was built using Styrene and lots of Epoxy Resin while his hair, gloves, trousers, mask, facial scars the main part of the bag and a little bit of the suit jacket all made from Magic Sculpt.

What really stands-out is the amazing mask, which has been excellently painted. The rest of the minifigure is up to the usual incredible high standards G-Bricks brings to all his custom minifigures, with lots of detailing including the bag, suit, shirt detail and of course Jokers face.

This is definitely one of my favourite custom minifigures!!