Brick Moc Combat Custom Minifigures

Brick Moc Combat Custom Minifigures

Brick Moc is a relatively new third party brand offering custom printed combat inspired torsos and legs which are both pad and digitally printed. We have put together two custom minifigures to showcase their new designs.

Be sure to check out this unboxing video.

Brick Moc Modern Combat MinifigureThe Modern Combat Minifigure features Brick Moc black modern combat torso, Brick Moc black modern combat legs, BrickArms black MCH helmet, EclipseGrafx black breacher head and a CombatBrick Modern Warfare SMG-45.

Brick Moc Urban Sniper Minifigure

The Urban Sniper Minifigure features Brick Moc dark bluish Grey urban sniper torso, LEGO black legs, BrickArms black Boonie helmet, EclipseGrafx black breacher head, and a CombatBrick Modern Modern Warfare M14 EBR Sniper Rifle.

You can get these custom minifigures from the official Brick Moc UK reseller.

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