Star Wars Republic Commando Collection

Star Wars Republic Commando Collection

Photo courtesy of Xero_Fett

As a minifigure and custom minifigure collector we can really appreaciate how amazing this Star Wars Republic Commando Collection is. The custom minifigures feature helmets and backpacks by Arealight which are either custom printed or painted. Decals by Fineclonier (WIP) and AndrewVxtc and Clone Army Customs guns.

The Squads are (from top left to bottom right)

Dusk Squad
Aiwha Squad
Omega Squad
Delta Squad
HOPE Squad
Blue Squad
Dusk Squad
White Squad

Individual RCs are (from left to right)

One-off Niner
Gregor (Andrew design)
Gregor (Fineclonier design)
Gregor (Arealight printed helmet w/Fineclonier design)
Custom Trooper
Alt Skirata

This is definitely an impressive collection – well done!

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