WWII Custom Minifigures

When it comes to making WWII Custom Minifigures Rangernoir16 has a fantastic collection including British, American and Germans.

Photo courtesy of Rangernoir16

These WWII British SAS Custom Minifigures are hand painted with sculpted pieces and look pretty good!

Photo courtesy of Rangernoir16

These WWII 101st Airborne Custom Minifigures are about to set off on Operation Market Garden and again are hand painted with sculpted pieces, and are our favourites.

Photo courtesy of Rangernoir16

Finally, the painted camouflage on the torso and helmets of these WWII German Waffen SS Custom Minifigures is really good.

This is a really nice WWII collection and they would look great in a MOC(My Own Creation). Some of the painted guns look very good, and I know that CombatBrick have released a range of WWII guns which would look fantastic with these custom minifigures.

2 thoughts on “WWII Custom Minifigures

  1. Well deserved spot light, rangernoir16 customs are truly astonishing. One of very few people that can copy the tough WWII German, Russian, British and American camouflage types. Rangernoir16 is the only person that have made custom WWII Chinese national army minifigure. Not a very popluare choice of nation but, glad he has made two figures and hoping he is planning to make more in the future. The details for all his figures are spot on to the really soldiers that fought in World War II.

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