V for Vendetta Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Billbobful

This excellent V for Vendetta Custom Minifigure features a range of sculpted pieces. The mask and knives were sculpted out of procreate, while the cape, hair, and cone shape of the hat were sculpted from Sculpey. While the belt and shirt tail are made from electrical tape.

The detail on the mask and hair is very good and this is a high quality custom minifigure.

Well done!

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1 Response to V for Vendetta Custom Minifigure

  1. ken_falko says:

    molto bello,..si trova in commercio..

    volevo chiedervi farete i personaggi degli anime,cartoni animati japponesi,..

    dei film,terminator,et,..ecc…

    mi piacerebbe avere i personaggi della marvel,(altri)ma costano un casino…,si trovano a buon prezzo….

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