They Came From Hell Minifigures

They Came From Hell Custom Minifigures
Photo courtesy of Hammerstein NWC

The Rapture became fact in 2037 but things didn’t go to plan. When The Lord returned so did the Devil. The 1000 year war began.

The People of Earth were forced immediately to pick a side with the damned looking to curry favor with the Dark Man and the righteous fighting for their Lord and Saviour. All the religions of the World united as one to fight off evil!

The first wave of Evil spewed forth from the Earths crust. It consisted of minor Demons, Ogres, Shadowlings and the reanimated corpses of lost souls.

Top Row:

Shadowling – Recon Daemon
Ogre – Hellfire Support
Daemon Prince Nazi – Close Assault Murderer.

Bottom Row:

“The Cook” lost soul
“The Thief” lost soul
“The Ripper” lost soul

Jesus responded in kind by gathering together some of history and fictions greatest heroes and all round nice guys to combat the evil.

These custom minifigures use a great combination of LEGO and third party vendor pieces. The Dragon Wings fit onto the back of the Demon Armor and are perfect for any dragon, demon, or winged reptile, while the Ogre Armor has two heads. Both these fantastic items are by BrickWarriors.

Overall a great collection – can’t wait to see the good guys!