The Legend of Korra Custom Minifigures

The Legend of Korra Custom Minifigures are based off the Nickoldean show: The Legend of Korra. A sequel to the highly successful Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender, this new show focuses on the new avatar, Korra. Korra is a determined, independent teenage waterbender from the Southern water tribe who travels to Republic City, a city populated with members from all four nations which she discovers is plagued with crime and an anti-bender revolt. Her journey to master airbending begins as she is trained by Tenzin, Avatar Aang’s son.

The minifigures include Korra, Asami, Amon, and Tenzin and they are machine printed to the highest quality.

This Equalist Solider took 7 weeks before the print was perfected! This minifigure really increases the bar to printing on LEGO parts, the full head has been printed 360 degrees and even the back of the elbows have been printed!

These Legend of Korra minifigures are only made is small quantities so visit Minifigs4u now.