The Hornburg at Helms Deep MOC

Photo courtesy of Daniel Z

With the arrival of The Lord of the Rings LEGO it has opened up a new theme to create amazing MOCs(My Own Creation) and The Hornburg at Helms Deep MOC by Daniel Z deserves to be showcased.

The Battle of the Hornburg sees the forces of the Wizard Saruman against the Rohirrim under King Théoden, who had taken refuge in the mountain fortress of the Hornburg at Helm’s Deep. It was the second largest battle of the War of the Ring, taking part in the climactic chapter “Helm’s Deep” from The Two Towers.

This MOC captures the book/films epic scale and the rockwork is superb, while avoiding the “big grey wall syndrome” while the simpleness of the wall details nicely compliments the heavy texture of the rocks.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Z

This photograph has been photoshopped with the Orc army, rocks, fields and wall copied to make them bigger, however the original looks just as impressive.